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Straight cutthroat razor CoolCut2 - W [COOLCUT2 W]
Straight cutthroat razor CoolCut2 - W
Model Number: COOLCUT2 W
Stock: Available
Price: £12.99 
Available Options:

Straight Cutthroat Razor Coolcut2 - by Sanguine

Hand ground with carbon steel blade.

Mahogany coloured wood effect handle.

In Sanguine leather look black pouch.

The razor is ’shave ready’ but to preserve the perfect cutting edge care and maintenance is required. Each time you have used your razor rinse the blade in very hot water. Carefully and thoroughly dry the blade and leave it open in a DRY airy place before you close it.

Being carbon steel a damp environment will encourage the blade to rust. If you intend to leave your razor unused for several days at a time oil the blade using a light oil to protect the surface from any humidity. To maintain a sharp cutting edge strop using appropriate paste regularly.


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